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Windlace ??

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  • Interior: Windlace ??

    On my 56 Commander it has tabs to hold down the wind lace. But It doesn't pull up to the door facing. There is not enough room to put a tack strip. I thought about putting a thin piece of metal and screwing it down but know if the panels would stick out to far. Any ideas.

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    You may need to sew on a strip of plastic seam welt to give those clips something to grip.

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      Thanks Gary. I may have to. My sewing is not real good.


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        How about some good formica glue and a few short pop rivets, maybe some thin washers under the head if needed, say hi to the wife for us Carl. Mac&Myrna.


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          You have to sew a strip of cloth, seam binding on them to make them fit. I got mine for my 56 from Phantom and they had the strip sewn on already.


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            Here is how I did my '54 four door sedan, scroll down to post #9 and post #15: http://forum.studebakerdriversclub.c...ndlace+sew+tab
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