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  • convertible tops

    Has anyone ordered a top from this place?

    Wondering about quality, fit, finish.....



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    Judy: I got a NOS 61 top, new rear window and boot very reasonably at SASCO 4-5 years ago.



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      I'll have the fellow that asked check with SASCO to see if they have anything available.

      And now for a different approach - has anyone ordered a convertible top from a generic site, were they happy with it, quality, fit, finish? Any recommendations?


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        I sell the tops if anyone is interested, they are made by Acme headliner and tops. Only sold maybe a half dozen Studebaker tops so far, but they all fit fine.

        64 Daytona HT/R2 clone
        64 GT R2
        63 Lark 2 door
        52 & 53 Starliner
        51 Commander

        JDP Maryland


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          I would expect that any top that SASCO has that is 45 years old would probably not hold up well to installation and that the rear window would be toast.


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            I forgot about the rear window, (mine's glass and framed) but you're right, if the rear window is plastic it will likely need to be replaced before it ever gets on the car.


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              Regretfully, I have not had a chance to install the convertible top, plastic window or boot. However, despite being old, they were in remarkable shape in their original packaging. Because of the age, I checked everything out, and they were perfect.

              I put the project on hold because the frame on what appeared to be a very solid 61 was shot. The floor, fenders & trunk are very solid. I bought new fenders for it anyway (they were available), and when I get the chance, I can put together this very nice, loaded with options, 61 convertible. I did buy a frame 2 years ago, so I have a complete kit for anyone with a serious interest.

              The only reason I have not gotten around to finishing this one is that I presently have too many projects on the go. Anyone want a nice 1939 Champion Deluxe 2 door coupe? (Black, ~9K)

              Paul R