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  • weatherstrip/rubber kits

    Getting ready to order all my weatherstrip,door channels and rubber kits for my 56 wagon. With past restorations (other car brands) it has been my experiance sometimes there is a quality difference in vendors on these items. Anybody have good and or bad experiances on these kits. I am not out to turn this into a complaint thread just want to find out who has had favorable results. I have had bad products in the past that will never fit no matter how much time spent on these products. Thanks.

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    I got the rubber for my M5 from Chuck Phoenix. Everything fit as advertized and the service and quality was excellent.



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      K; you can buy it from any one of us, but the bottom line is it's all the same stuff from the same source! Some good, some not so.

      That would explain why one part from vendor #1 by buyer A works good, and a DIFFERENT part from vendor #2 bought by buyer B does not! And it is not necessarily a reflection on the seller when we are talking about QUALITY, not service! [:0]

      If we were talking about '57 Chevy stuff I am sure there would actually be 10 or more manufacturers of SOME things, not others. [:0]

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        Stude Vendors Rule !


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          Let me add that I buy from Collins because we are both in Arizona. I have bought from several other dealers and never had a problem with service or quality. I have found that Studebaker people are just good, honest people.