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1960 Lark, 6 cylinder, 3 speed OD bellhousing color

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  • Transmission: 1960 Lark, 6 cylinder, 3 speed OD bellhousing color

    I have a question, i need to know what the correct color is for my MTM bellhousing, i have a 1960 Lark, 3 speed OD, 6 cylinder

    thank you

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    I don't know what MTM stands for, but the engine and transmission, including overdrive, are painted silver.
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      MTM = manual transmission. ATM = automatic transmission. thank you for the reply, that is what i needed


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        Is there somewhere to go to find out what original engine and drivetrain colors are for a particular model?


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          It seems to be the thing every couple of Months for someone to ask. There are Many, many posts about that.

          But the truth is these varied so little there are only 5 Basic Power Train combos.
          Sixes and V-8's:

          Bell telephone/Packard Olive Green '47 to '54

          As EVERYTHING seemed to vary a lot on '55's this one gets complicated; Dark Blue Engine, Silver Valve Covers and Air Cleaner on Commander, Gold on President.

          Turquoise Green on '56-'57

          Silver on '58 to '61

          Black on '62 to '66

          If you think about how this would be done, it is easy to see the easiest way to do the details.

          If they are on the basic complete engine; Bell Housing, Transmission, just shoot EVERYTHING one Block Color, that's ALL of it, Water, Intake and Exhaust Manifolds (with only overspray on Exh.) Block, Heads all but the Electrical Components which were Purchased already Painted and went on last and were mostly Semi Gloss Black. And the Valve Covers that were masked.

          These were all Black '51 to 1960 Except 1955.
          '61 and Early '62 (Partial Flow Oil Filter) Red/Orange slightly favoring the Red.
          Late '62 (Full Flow Oil Filter) to early 1965 pale Yellow.
          Late 1965 to '66 Black

          There were a few years where there were left over or too many Painted Engines to match the yearly shutdown and startup. So there were a very few '57's with '58 Colors and a few '58's with '57 colors reported to exist.

          The truck Line had different shutdown Dates and next years already painted Car/Truck Engines sometimes got ID'd as Truck Engines and installed in the latest of last years Trucks.
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            Thank you.


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              Interesting. I am looking at a 60 wagon VI and that engine must have been the turquoise color, although as it's faded it sure looks green rather blue/turquoisey.

              I'm going to look at it again Sunday, I'll try to pay more attention to the hue. It may be that someone had repainted it in the past, but if they did, they did a factory appearing paint job, ie, all in one blob. I'll try to check out the bellhousing as well.


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                Engines that have been overhauled or rebuilt can be any color the builder liked or had laying around. Some examples on cars for sale are terrible.
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                  That may well have been what happened. I don't think he has it, but I am going to ask the c.o. and a p.o. if they know about any paperwork on the rebuild Sunday. It isn't a bad looking color, at least; even more important, it isn't showing hardly any oil leaks!


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                    If it is Olive Green they could have used the '47-'54 Green, or on a Rebuild, usually just the off the shelf Engine Green, plain ol Kelly Green. Anything is possible as Howard (52-fan) said.

                    Just Paint it Silver, Flatheads are a breeze to paint.
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