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Coating Process for Head and Intake Gasket

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  • Engine: Coating Process for Head and Intake Gasket

    Re: '63 289 Stude' Engine

    When using silver paint on a metal ("shim" type) head gasket (I never have), is a light coat applied? Or, are several coats (like usual spray paint application)? One side or both?

    Also, what type of sealant is usually used on the intake-to-head metal gasket? One side or both?

    Have used Gaskecinch (sp?) on intakes before and composite head gaskets - The above combination is new to me.

    Thanks for your help,
    Paul TK

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    After two failures of my head gaskets to seal (one shim type and the other composite) I used Perfect Seal#4 as called for in the Service Manual. I got it from Aircraft Spruce and applied it to the new shim type gasket (both sides) with a small disposable roller with mohair type texture. I also changed sides with the heads on the third try. In any case they are now sealed. I used Permatex Ultra Copper on one side of my intake gaskets which are the composite type as I was also blocking off the heating openings.


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      I have never used any type of so-called "sealants" on any of my engines. Especially on metal gaskets(they are designed to collapse with torque). I would recommend you torque to the specifications, in the sequence the factory recommends. But, you do as you prefer----education is a precious thing


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        Metal gasket to metal, Permatex Ultra Copper, two coats both sides...
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          Yep, just plain ol Copper Coat. Two light coats, put it on.

          Should be the same with the intake...don't know, I just buy the dark grey gasket paper and make my own. I have one shim gasket that I use as a template. Put it on dry. Normally good for two removals/reassemblys before needing a new one.

          I "used" to use silver paint (gold or copper is also used, they all have or "had" metal in them), many years ago on my Chevy gaskets. Same thing as the Copper Coat, two coats and assembly. Never had a "gasket" related gasket failure. Other things may have caused the gasket to fail, but never just a pure gasket failure.

          Note...the head and block MUST be "flat" and "clean" and dry. Like eat (your wife and mother-in-law clean) dinner of of it clean.



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            I have been using permatex "Copper Spray-A-Gasket" for years. Item number 80697. It is great stuff! Neal


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              Thanks for the guidance - i'll probably go w/ the Copper Coat (have both spray and tube). Have often wondered about the "metalic" paint - Whether current formulations actually have metal content. The Perfect Seal I used on the previous intake manifold installation,
              have never had a leakage problem. Pick your sealant (or not) and take your chances.

              Thanks again, Paul TK