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I have a radio question???

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  • Interior: I have a radio question???

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    Howdy all! I have a 1959 Lark Vlll 2 Dr wagon and the radio in the dash is like no other I have seen before and was wondering if any One has any info (Check the Pics) There is also a knob under the dash for fading the music to a rear speaker that is mounted in the passenger side rear roof of the car. It all looks factory but I'm not sure. Suprisingly though. The radio, Fader and rear speaker works well. Any ifo is appreciated.
    Patrick Sammon

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    Patrick, that does not look like a 'factory' radio to me. However, I've learned never to say never with Studebaker, so we will let others chime in also.
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      That is an aftermarket radio - a Motorola. It is not factory.
      Gary L.
      Wappinger, NY

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        That is an aftermarket radio that someone has put in the instrument panel. Motorola did not supply factory radios, Delco did. Bud


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          Weren't the radios made by Philco?
          Frank van Doorn
          Omaha, Ne.
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            No Frank, that was the '47-'55 Radios, not '56 to '66, Bud just happens to be the guy who rebuilds them so I have to believe a higher source, Lol!
            Second Generation Stude Driver,
            Proud '54 Starliner Owner


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              Back in the could go in a Western Auto store, Sears, J.M. Fields, and "Mom & Pop" hardware stores and buy after market radios from several manufacturers. Motorola was one of the most prolific. Some of the better offerings would provide model specific mounting plates to fit the brand of car you wanted to mount it in. In 1971 I bought a radio to fit my new VW Beetle off of a display stand at a going out of business (bankrupt) Ben Franklin store. The display rack had basically the same radio with different faces for various cars. I think I paid about $20 for that new radio. It was working years later when I sold the car.
              John Clary
              Greer, SC

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                Many years ago the Keystone Region Chapter had a twofer raffle. First prize was a '53 Coupe and second prize was a '53 Coupe. A lot of shirts were lost that year. At any rate, one of the coupes came equipped with a bolt in 6-volt AM/FM/SW radio, appearing not quite stock but certainly built aftermarket for the '53, '54, '55 Studes. I think it may have been purchased by KRC from Jim Sinclair, LarkTruck on the forum. I wonder if Jim remembers it?
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                  I agree. It's the kind of a radio that was sold in auto parts stores. Studebaker attracted CASOs even then. These radios did not have quite the pleasing sound of a factory radio, but they were usually a lot cheaper.

                  In addition, once car radios became all transistor, they operated a lot longer before needing service..
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