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Hill Holder dilemma....?

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  • Brakes: Hill Holder dilemma....?

    I have a poorly working HH in my donor 63' Cruiser. Specifically, when on an incline, the HH works but won't release unless I pump the brake pedal a few times...then all is well.....What's going on here ? Also, the recipient, a 62' wagon, has a HH but function is unknown. It was a desert car and has a nice under carriage but has probably sat for >5yrs. Brake system was closed. What to do ?

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    Hill Holder release is accomplished by pushing clutch pedal all the way in. If working properly


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      Sounds like brake fluid in yours has created dried crud which is stopping the ball inside from moving freely. They can be taken apart and cleaned. As far as the one on the donor car, if you take it off and you can hear the ball moving inside when you shake it, it is probably good. You can also flush them with denatured alcohol to clean them out without taking them apart. So you might try taking the one off the donor car and if it rattles when shaken then flush and install once you have the alcohol all out. Good luck. They are definitely a nice feature to have.

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        Actually the hill holder release is when the clutch is released....which would be the pedal all the way out.
        Check for worn engine mounts, then look to the adjustment at the clutch lever.
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