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1951 Convertible Door Window Assembly

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  • Body / Glass: 1951 Convertible Door Window Assembly

    Some time in the far distant past, someone posted assembly instructions for putting windows into doors. I've searched and searched and cannot find the old post. So. . . . .

    How do I get the door windows installed? If I put the weatherseals in first, then the window bottom won't fit through the door's top opening. If I leave the inner weatherseal off, then the window goes in, but there is no room to fit the weatherseal. The vent window guide is welded closed at the bottom so I can't just slide the window further down.

    The shop manual implies that the doors fit with the weatherseals in place, but no matter how hard I pry, the opening doesn't get big enough to get the roller mechanism past the weatherseal.

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    There should be enough room to drop the window if it is not engaged to the regulator pins. I don't think the vent guide should be welded on the bottom, as there is a window stop built into the regulator.
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