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  • Interior: Headliner Material Question

    I'm going to order a new headliner for my 62 Lark and and see that they are available in cloth or vinyl. Any suggestions as to which is better? I'm thinking vinyl might be the way to go for two reasons:

    1) Vinyl shrinks a litttle with age, so intuitively this would seem like it would help with wrinkles or sags developing later.
    2) I've seen many cloth headliners that get water stained by the windows. I can understand how this can happen on a car like my Lark where the headliner material is fastened to the windshield frames. So it seems vinyl would be a better choice for this reason as well.

    Any thoughts/comments? Thanks

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    Since you asked...Vinyl! For the 2 reasons you mentioned.


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      In '62 the headliner would have been vinyl.
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        I agree with the vinyl headliner but I would also suggest (from experience) a heavier vinyl than that normally used for headliners. The "teeth" that hold the headliner in place above the doors are very unforgiving.

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