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Master Cylinder part number 1561611 66 Comander

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  • Brakes: Master Cylinder part number 1561611 66 Comander

    Will a Raybestos master part number MC 36237 clyinder interchange with the the Stude one ? , I did a search and found that some members in the SDC have done this and it seems to be a bolt in, the question I am NOT clear about is : do you have to Reverse the brake lines ??
    Joseph Kastellec

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    The #36237 is one of the Turner recommended MC's when you use his dual MC bracket. The rules are that the larger reservoir does the front disks or drums / the reservoir closest to the firewall should be the primary...
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      Joe I am looking at an Advance Auto Parts M/C purchased on line at their website, it is Part # 10-1292 $24.09 + $5.00 Core Charge.

      It is an exact fit Dual master with the lines on the Engine side, correct size (both the same) this one is a ReMan (remanufactured) unit with the bail spring clip cover latch, and equal sized Reservoirs.

      This is for Drum Brake '64 to '66 Lark Types without Power brakes and is listed for 1967 AMC Ambassador models. You should be able to also find New ones. The rear port is for the Front Brakes as required.

      I think the under the floor M/C conversion confusion (1960 & older & C & K) is that it sits BACKWARDS so the front is the rear.
      This is not applicable since you will be putting it where it belongs, on the firewall.
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        I replaced the master cylinder on my '65 Daytona last year.NAPA part#P1843.
        Price was $33.39W a $19.00 core charge. No problems at all.