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Repro Versus NOS Upper & Lower 'A' Arm Bushings

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  • Front Axle / Front Suspension: Repro Versus NOS Upper & Lower 'A' Arm Bushings

    Per the 62GT's maintenance log, I changed upper & lower bushings 15 months and 13,000 miles ago, just before I tore the engine down for rebuild. Today, I'd planned to install the disc brake kit, but noticed two of the four upper bushings had lost large slivers of rubber gone, and were almost metal-to-metal; a third one was not far behind the other two. The lowers looked OK.
    I have not been able to find it in the maintenance log, but am pretty sure the last set of bushings lasted over ten years and 100,000 miles. This is unacceptable life on the recently installed bushings.
    I have no idea where I got these last bushings from, but they appear to be NOS, and have cracks in the rubber that is still intact. I have a set of repro lowers on hand, and they are soft, pliable, and no cracks.
    So the brake job is on hold, and the car will stay on jack-stands till I can get a set of repro, upper bushings. I do not plan to install anymore NOS ones.
    Is there a vendor on this NG who has repros? If so, please PM me. (I only need the uppers.)

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    Two possible reasons come to my mind for the short life of the upper bushings. One may be the age of the bushings. If the rubber is old although it may look good it may not hold up. The second reason may be when they were installed perhaps the outer bolts that tighten them to the cross shaft may have been snugged up before the car was back on its suspention. This would have caused a bind & constant pressure in the rubber bushing. Tightening should be done after the car is back on its suspention & cycle (or bounce) the front end & then tighten it up. Delrin bushings are said to give a harsher ride by some but they will hold up much better than rubber & have the provision of additional grease fittings (as if the Studes dont have enough of them now!!).
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      I have them.


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        Originally posted by Bo Markham View Post

        I have them.
        PM sent. Have also emailed you.