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  • Body / Glass: 2r10 pickup restoration

    Hi. I just bought a 1949 2r10 pickup in georgia. I am looking for a company or someone to restore this truck for me. Restore from the chassis up to complete prime job including changing rear end and front suspension. Any recomendations????

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    Try asking over here at the truck farmers site. Much info and people from that area. forum


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      I think you're gonna hafta be more specific about what you're looking for. There are plenty of restoration shops that will do a fine job on the body and paint, though they may not be familiar enough with Studes to know where to find any needed replacement body panels. Westmoreland Studebaker in Penna specializes in Studes and does wonderful work, but charges accordingly. And there are several people in Fla and Ga who know how to rebuild Stude mechanicals.

      What do you mean by changing rear end and front suspension? Replacing/rebuilding worn parts, or replacing the complete units with more modern hardware? A hot rod shop or someone who has done the same thing for his own truck might be a better choice there.
      Skip Lackie