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t-5 or f150 five speed ford transmission swap

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    My brother put a T-5 out of an S-10 into his 57 Transtar. The 5 speed makes the truck much more highway friendly than the truck 4 speed that was in it. The S-10 version of the T5 is usually needed in a truck because the shifter is far enough forward to clear the seat. The Mustang version works well in a car and there is an adapter to bolt it to the Studebaker bell housing. Some of the Studebaker truck bell housings can be drilled for the T5.

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      I've done the T-5 trans, and I've done the T-10 trans. Unhappy with both of them. Stick with the 3 speed with overdrive that came behind the Stude V-8.
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        I put a GM T-5 (it's longer that the Ford and put the shifter where I wanted it) behind the correct GT Hawk bellhousing in one of my Studes in the mid-90's and never looked back. It's still working fine and running with a 4:09 TT rear and the overdrive are a delight!


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          If you go T-5 make sure you get the World Class, not a non World Class version. Not all T-5's are the same. Also be aware that the ratios vary with the model and originating manufacture (Ford, GM, AMC). The overdrive version of the Ford Toploader (Truck, Mustang and Granada - that I know of) also has different ratios and is noted for a large gap between 2nd and 3rd gear. Not all are the same except in overdrive concept. Some were SROD and others not. You might want to read this:
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