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    Found NOS (4) 1957 Wheel covers at the York Wap Meet in York, Pa. Now I'm thinking , how do I protect the center painted area (Black, White and Red). My old set were worn off, so now my thinking is to protect them, but how? I was thinking I could clear coat them, however I used clear coat on other items and the clear coat lifted the paint and I dont have a old cover to first test. Has anyone found the best way to protect so the paint does not wear off over time?

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      You might check with an auto paint store about waterbase clear. It shouldn't attack the color. Any of the urathanes or laquers will probably try to lift the old paint. Remember, as soon as you clear them, they are no longer NOS original.
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        If the originals are cared for gently, they will last. Just put a light, gentle coat of good wax on to protect them. You will probably be using the wheelcovers a lot less than the originals were used and the originals lasted for more than a half Century. I would not clear coat them.
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          I assume you're trying to minimize the effects of UV exposure. The clears for wheels would work without yellowing like some clears. You would need to use an adhesion promoter like Bulldog and others. Semi gloss would appear more OEM than a glossy clear.
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