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    I need a temp way to wire start circut. Want to fire engine before moving ahead with sheet metal. Car is 58 Scotsman wagon with 63 259 . Gonna use a 2 post selinoid (plus 2 battery posts). Gonna use a temp ignition switch until dash is painted and reinstalled. Trying to get wagon ready to go to paint and body. I have a complete new harness, but don't want to take part of it out just to be able to start. Needs to move under it's own power.
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    That is easy.
    1 Run wire from + battery terminal of solenoid to battery terminal of switch.
    2 Run a wire from start terminal of switch to S terminal of solenoid.
    3 Run a wire from ignition terminal of switch to + side of coil. (If your coil does not have a built in resistor you will have to wire in a resistor.)
    4 Run a wire from I terminal of solenoid to + side of coil. (To aid starting)
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      I added a switch to my handheld remote switch used to bump the starter. Just come from the positive lead inside the remote to the switch, out of the switch to an alligator clip. You bump the starter as usual with the trigger switch and if you want the engine to run, hook the alligator clip to the plus side of the coil and flip the run switch. Saves a lot of steps when tuning. Takes longer to explain than to do.
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