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  • Body / Glass: Trim clips

    Looking for source for molding clips that attach stainless 2 tone break trim on 61 Hawk fins. Don't have one to go by but part number is 1338902. SI does not carry them. Thanks David

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    Hey, I need some of those also! Can anyone tell me the diameter of the holes in the fin that these clps push through?
    Buckeye, Arizona

    1960 Hawk R2 4 speed project


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      Steve Keep in mind mine the ones I measured have fresh paint but they measure out at about 3 /16 in. David


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        David: Probably the hobby's largest purveyor of trim, screws and clips is Restoration Specialties & Supply of Windber PA.

        Phone: (814)467-9842


        Good luck. BP
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          You need to know if you are looking for the tiny clips for the UPPER Moulding or the larger ones for the larger Lower Fin Moulding.

          Both are Paintline Mouldings.
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            Looking for the upper. Looked in Resto, Specialties catalog but don't have a original one to compare it to. Thanks


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              Suggestion #1: If you only looked in S-I's Catalog, you really need to contact them direct! Best guess would be S-I only lists 20% of ALL the different part numbers they have in stock in their catalogs!!!

              Suggestion #2: Contact the SNM Archives and order a copy of "Clip" drawing 1338902. You'll then know what that "Clip" actually looks like on the drawing ...will likely have the Studebaker vendor name & their part number listed on it ...and if you get really lucky, it may turn out to be the "same as" a different but available Studebaker part number "Clip" having just have a slightly longer stud, etc.

              Good Luck!!!


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                not sure what part 1338902 looks like, but if it is a narrow clip, you might give Classic Enterprises 715 537 5422 a call. They have a narrow clip for the 57 GH used on the rear fins. Ken, Deltaville Va


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                  This is a picture of 1338902
                  I have a few (8) in stock.
                  I have over 22.000 different parts for Studebaker.
                  Robert Kapteyn
                  815 722 7262
                  Remember I am old and slow!!


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                    This clip has the number P504 stamped on it.
                    This may help.
                    Robert Kapteyn


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                      Robert Sent you a PM. David


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                        I send you 16 clips by first class mail.

                        Robert Kapteyn


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                          Thanks Robert. Forum comes thru again. David