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170 OHV valve adj. problem HELP!

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  • Engine: 170 OHV valve adj. problem HELP!

    So I did a valve adjustment on my 62 Lark with the 170 OHV 6 cyl the other day. Everything went fine, except the "self-locking" adjusting screw on the #1 exhaust was finger-loose. The shop manual says 30 ft-lbs of torque should be felt, and this was true with all of the other adjustment screws...just not that one.

    So, I did my valve adjutment, and went on a drive. It ran great for a few miles and then it got to sounding bad (lots of extra chatter). Went home, took the lifter cover off and discovered the suspect adjusting screw had worked itself up into the threads by quite a bit. So, I adjusted again, drove again. Same problem, but even worse this time.

    So here I am with a valve adjutment screw that will not stay put. Anyone out there ever had this problem? I'm scratching my head about why this happened and what to do about it. There's no apparent damage. It's incredible to me that these screws keep their place with only friction!?!?
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    Yes, they have sort of an 'interference' fit to provide the self-locking feature.

    You will need to replace that adjuster, either with a NOS one or a good used one. If it still isn't tight, replace the rocker arm also.
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      I second what Paul just wrote. It is a simple case of it not doing it's job. replace the screw or the whole rocker arm. They are the same for later V8's , mid 61-64, so there are plenty around. I would send you one but all but the set I have for my current build, a 63, are early V8 and I don't know if they are exactly the same with just a part number difference or what. I know the screw is different but I'm not sure on how the arm changed. I looked at what I have and I have none to spare but some one else might have more details about the change and if they can be used. Len.


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        Thanks guys for the info. I've ordered a replacement adjustment screw from studebaker international. I'm kinda shocked they had them. It seems like an odd part to fail. Hopefully I don't need a rocker arm. Ay ideas on where to source one of those?