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I know this may be a long shot..but..

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  • I know this may be a long shot..but..

    Does anyone out there in Studedom have an R3 head gasket (new or used) that they wouldn't mind posting (or PM'ing me) a semi-closeup picture of? I need to get a good idea what the bore shape looks like.

    The stock/R2 head gasket won't allow me to make my next step in head porting and I think the R3 gasket will. Ya expensive, but I think flow and overall power can be increased notably with moving the valve into the center of the port...just like the R3 engineers did!

    The good - it would allow much better flow on both "sides" of the port/bowl, it would leave most of the material in place between the intake and exhaust ports, the roof of the port can now be made more symetrical to allow equal flow on both sides of the valve guide. This IS afterall, where the high lift, high speed flow is located.

    The bad - gasket cost, bigger notch in the cylinder bore to match the chamber shape.

    Both of these (bads) are acceptable (to me) for more low, mid, and full lift flow. In theory!



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    I know they are not regular "posters": Jon & Mike sometimes, Lionel never but, Jon Myer and Lionel Stone both have them and probably Phil Harris.

    Studebakers Northwest
    Ferndale, WA
    Second Generation Stude Driver,
    Proud '54 Starliner Owner


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      Thanks Rich.

      I was looking to find used ones, dimensions and or pictures to see IF I could do what I want to do using the R3 gasket without spending 75 bucks for the pair and then end up not being able to modify the chambers like I'd hoped.

      Wasn't sure many on this board would have anything I could never know!

      Thanks again.



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        Didn't realize there were that many R3, 4 drivers out there.

        Thanks to all that have responded with all the info. It's exactly what I needed...except for actually having one in hand!

        Thanks again to all.