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aftermarket radiators?

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  • Cool/Heat: aftermarket radiators?

    hey guys,

    Removed the Radiator from my 49 2R5. Its core was shot, and leaking various places. Took it to a local repair guy, and he said he'd fix it if i desperately want it, but its going to cost a pretty penny. He actually suggested I go the route of a new aftermarket aluminum one. I've checked ebay and didnt see anything that was a specific match for my truck.

    Anyone have any websites, or suggestions on where to look??


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    Try these guys :

    Measure yours first.
    Bez Auto Alchemy

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      On the Champ after recovering from the first $600 re-core quote, I went on line and found a radiator vendor that listed sizes with their items. I then went product by product list one by one until I found one that would fit the Horse collar of the Champ. I ended up with a 240Z radiator that was same width, 2 inches shorter and several cores thicker. New water capacity was about 25% more and it was brass for about $125. Now, it runs down runs down right cold to the touch and temp gun shows perfect temps in/out and across the heads.

      Only mods required were 4 holes in the radiator perimeter mount, Nipping top corners to clear header panel and bushing lower hose to smaller radiator tubes. Lower fan/hose clearances is a bit tighter. Apologies to the purists, it doesn't look 100% original but cooling is not on my issue list.

      Click image for larger version

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      Assuming most on the Champ below the Lark cab is old school Stude pickup, the 240 Z could even be your answer.


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        I have a new aluminum radiator that I no longer have plans for.
        Was built for 1951 race car and never used as racer wanted to use an intercooler.
        Measure yours please --- if interested.
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          i have a great radiator for your 49 truck. pm me


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            royvaldez, i PM'd you twice. Let me know what you got when you get time, thanks man!


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              A drop in, stock looking radiator for that truck is available from Vintage Air. THe radiator is actually manufactured in California, but Vintage Air is the outlet. It goes with the ClimatizerII A/C system. They advertise it in TURNING WHEELS. Ben Wenberg and I worked with Vintage to assure a proper fit and look for these units. They are designes to work with either 6 cylinder engine of the V-8. AND they are cheaper than replacing a core and still using your sixty year old tanks!
              Contact them for the details.