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New guy,can you help me identify these?

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    I bought these at an auction ,in Colorado Springs,Co,several years ago.The felts ,are a kit, and have a part number,and are in the bag.The two stainless pieces are new, but no bag, no tag.What are they for???Thank you,in advance! MarkClick image for larger version

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    How wide are the stainless pieces?
    They appear to be door panel trim.
    I will try and confirm the kit application via the number.
    Christof Kheim


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      I would say 13/16 wide.Thanks for your reply,and research.They look like body side moldings,they have the "track",on the backside,to hold clips.But there are no clips.They also open upon the ends,only on the back,to hold a possibly nut and thread type retainer.(This is only from my experience with other cars).
      I am sure you are more expert than I, on Studebaker. Thanks again!


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        Appears to be outer w/s for '63/'64 HT & Conv. door I believe.
        Rob in PA.


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          Rob- There are 2 window fuzzies,(appear to be both inner and outer)they have different methods of attachment.One is push in clips, and looks like it has holes for rivets,on both ends. That one is 27 1/2 long. The other,(31 1/2 long),is smooth,its full length.Looks like it wedges in.
          The window tracks are also 2 different lengths, one is 18 1/2 inches long, the other 24 13/16 long.Both approx.5/8 wide.Would these go down inside the door?


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            For the stainless, Rob's description may be correct.

            For the fuzzies - catwhiskers - both the U-shaped channel and the one-sided - these are reproduced and are sold by standard lengths by several vendors.


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              Stude1964 is correct. The part number is for the outer window w/s for the left door on 63-64 J and L bodies. The holes on the ends are for very small sheet metal screws. The one without the holes attaches to the door panel. I think with big staples (can't remember).
              Skip Lackie