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    What is the wheel backspace for a 1963 stock Stude drum brake car? thanks jimmijim
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    Sep 2004
    It turns out there is a wheel wholesaler warehouse here in fargo that
    has some of the ford rims in stock.

    I went over there friday with a tape measure and got some dimensions.
    I also remeasured my stock '53 rims this weekend and also a '63 lark
    stock rim I have around. So here for future reference is what I

    Stock '53 rim:

    Tire bead inside Width: 5"
    Overall outside width: 6-1/8"
    Backspacing: 4-3/8"
    Offset (tire centerline to inside edge): 1-5/16"
    Center hole ID: 2-3/4"

    Stock '63 lark rim:

    Tire bead inside width: 4-1/2"
    Overall outside width: 5-5/8"
    Backspacing: 3-5/8"
    Offset (tire centerline to inside edge): 1-1/16"
    Center hole ID: forgot to measure

    6" Ford rim, NWRA X-40273:

    Tire bead inside width: 6"
    Overall outside width: 7-1/8"
    Backspacing: 4-1/8"
    Offset (tire centerline to inside edge): 9/16"
    Center hole ID: 2-3/4"

    Currently, my '53 has a stock mid 70's Maverick 8" rear end in it.
    With the stock '53 rims, my track width from center to center of the
    rear tires is about 54-1/2" to 54-3/4". I have 205/75R15 tires on it
    and there is about 3" to 3-1/2" clearance from the tire sidewall to
    the fender lip on each side.

    While at the zone meet in WI last month, I took the opportunity to
    check out some other cars. There was a '54 Champion hardtop there
    with stock sized bias tires (6.70-15). I'll assume it had the stock
    wheels since everything else about it was stock.... Track width was
    56-1/4" center to center and about 2 to 2-1/2" clearance from the
    sidewalls to the fender lips. I also checked the rear track on a '58
    packard hawk and it was also 56-1/4".

    Soooo. It would appear that the Maverick rear end is about 1-1/2" to
    1-3/4" inches narrower than the original rear was in my car. Taking
    into account the rim width increase and change in offset, if I put
    these wider rims on the back, I should increase my track width about
    1-1/2" and get back what was lost. The outside of the wheel should
    push out 1-1/4" over what I have now and will make my fender clearance
    essentially the same as the stock setup was like I measured on that

    Jeff Hopman
    '53 Starliner

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