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'63 Wagonaire, 259 :Prestolite "bendix" doesn't kick out to engage flywheel

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  • Electrical: '63 Wagonaire, 259 :Prestolite "bendix" doesn't kick out to engage flywheel

    The starter stayed engaged for a bit after the Wagonaire started a couple of weeks ago. Next time I tried to start it the starter just whizzed but didn't engage. I pulled the starter and it looked partially engaged, like it didn't retract all the way. Fortunately, the ring gear on the flywheel looks just fine, a real relief since I finally replaced it last time I had the engine out... The starter is a Prestolite MDU-7025, car is a 3 speed stick w O/D.
    Anyway, does anybody have a number for a new starter drive? I have only a NAPA in town here...
    Thanks, Kelly

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    You DO have a Standard Trans. Starter right? The Automatic has a shorter "nose" on the Bendix housing (end piece) on the Starter.
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      MDU-7025 is the proper starter for a V-8 standard transmission car. Automatic would be MDU-7026. I don't know NAPA numbers, but the Standard Ignition Brand would be a SDN-60 for the drive. This drive was also used on some Chrysler applications, as well as farm and industrial applications. They should be able to cross the Standard number, or look it up by starter number, or even look up a Studebaker application. Auto parts are not as mysterious as some people make them out to be.


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        Yes to standard transmission, and thanks for the cross number! Thanks, guys.


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          NAPA part number = #656-1101


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            Thanks! NAPA couldn't find one without the number, but I got one today at a local shop. Still glad to have the number. Maybe a spare or two is in order. The wagon and Avanti both take the same one!
            Thanks again, Kelly