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63 Avanti R2 4 Speed: RPM

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  • Engine: 63 Avanti R2 4 Speed: RPM

    What is the proper or best RPM for this R2 4 speed Avanti? Shop manual seems to list only 650 rpm for both R1 and R2 without respect to transmission. When set below 850 rpm on this car the "kicker" kicks in and busts up to about 950-1000 rpm, momentarily, then quickly back to 850 whereupon it kicks in again. Maybe it should be kept at 850 or is something else a problem? Ken, Deltaville, Va

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    To: ken-renda,----Sounds like it goes into a stall at anything under 850RPM, which of course is why the kicker is kicking, Could be carb trouble or a vacuum leak...has the engine received a tune-up recently?
    (Including a timing check)


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      Sounds a bit like a problem I had with a R1 4 speed,turned out to be a worn dist.when replaced it idled fine at 650.
      Joseph R. Zeiger


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        The kicker is adjustable too. Be sure to hold the shaft to prevent tearing the diaphragm, and turn the threaded portion in to lower the speed where it kicks in.
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