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1951 2R5 rear leaf shackle bolts

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  • Frame / Springs: 1951 2R5 rear leaf shackle bolts

    I nearly have everything to put the leafs back on. The shackles #677635 etc make the shackles & bolts one part. The bolts are pressed in with a spline (or what-ever it is called). Can I replace just the bolts? SI shows 4" & 4 1/2" but I measure 3 1/4" on the bolts I took out. I will find out if the front is the same...if so I need 6 of these bolts. Any idea where I could get them? Thanks. Ray Stewart
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    I always just go to my local truck spring shop. They usually have everything I need in stock, no shipping, no waiting.

    jack vines


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      Front and rear spring shackles are different. In addition, depending on what springs you have, the left and right might be different. Recommend you check you serial number against the changes documented in the parts book. Some of our vendors are likely to have new ones pretty cheap and/or used ones even cheaper.
      Skip Lackie


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        I just go down to the local Fastners Inc. and get them much cheaper and you can get then in grade 8.
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          I took my originals, cut the bolts out, welded in new grade 8 bolts and they're fine...


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            we just replaced the rear shackles and bushings in my 49. We took the original shackles, knocked out the spline bolts. Drilled out the holes to take a slightly fatter bolt. Used a compression lock washer, Castle nuts. Then we drilled a hole in the bolt, and applied a Cotter pin in. All this ensures the bolt will not come loose (or off) while driving. And makes it easier down the road when you have to change bushings as opposed to it being welded together. The new shackles as a unit are very expensive and it cost us the price of 2 bolts, 2 washers, 2 nuts, and 2 cotter pins each to fix.