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  • Engine: motor and trany for sale

    Just talked to someone that was told to me by someone I talked to at the Turkey Run that has a used 289 and auto trans from a '57 President car. Motor is seased up and not used for years, trans needs rebuild. He is asking $150 OBO. Needs it gone by Jan. and you could pick it up for a lot less. He just wants them gone. E-mail me if interested. He is around Daytona FL. area.I will pass you his number. He may have parts from the car also as he is going to scrap it.. Motor is complete with 2 barrel backflow carb and generator set up.

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    To: doublepaddle,----I hope someone in Your area can find a home for this......Those short tailshaft flightomatics are becoming rare......and they are the best candidate to use if someone wants to replace a
    an early Detroit Gear automatic with a later Flightomatic unit, and keep the two-piece driveshaft.


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      Scrap it? Surely it is worth more as parts than 8 cents a hundred weight! Is there a link? i.e. Craigslist, ect?


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        Just talked to him on the phone today. (the owner of them). It was his fathers property I gathered and they are putting it up for sale. If no one bites I may just go get it and save it. It is a 3 plus hour ride and i don,t need them (now).


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          did you know that the short output shaft, housing, etc, can be fairly easily mated to the long-output shaft trannies of later years?
          Had it done to get a hawk tranny to fit my Transtar to keep from rebuilding the locked up original...
          Tranny guy did it and only charged me about $125.


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            FWIW, a good 289" crank core is worth the $150 he's asking.

            jack vines


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              I've heard you can rent tranys, didn't know you could buy them...!

    's the weekend..