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  • Engine: Oil Pan Removal

    Does anyone know if you can remove the oil pan on a 65 283 Wagonaire by undoing the front two motor mounts and then raising the engine as far as the bellhousing and firewall will allow you ?? Or do you have to remove the whole engine from the car ?? Thanks

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    On the Stude. Engined Lark Types, you drop the center steering pivot by removing the ZERK fitting first, then the clamp bolt on top, then the 4 bolts holding the the cast pivot housing to the frame. The tie rods will then be clear, if not you disconnect one from the wheel end and the whole assy. will move out of the way.

    I do not see why this would not work on a McKinnon (GM) Engine, although I have not tried it. The '65-'66 Shop manual would be a lot of help in that reguard.
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      Turn the crank until the timming mark is a 6 O CLOCK to get the most rod clearence.

      Good luck Johnny


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        Thanks for the info.The shop manuel says pull the engine but I was hoping for a less drastic method.


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          I wonder what a 1965 Mitchell, Chilton or Motors manual says


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            You can remove the pan without pulling the engine, I have had to do this twice on my 66. As was mentioned before, you will need to remove the bellcrank & center pivot, also drain the rad & loosen the lower hose, disconnect the left & right exhaust pipes from the manifolds, and remove the motor mount bolt from the drivers side, & the three bolts that hold the motor mount to the engine on the passanger side. You will need to disconnect the fuel inlet line, I removed the starter also, then raised the engine by placing a floor jack with wood blocking under the pan & lifting enough to get a piece of 3/4 wood between the passenger side mount & the engine. On the drivers side I put the bolt back in the motor mount above the frame mount. My issue was pan gasket, tried cork first then used the felpro one piece which made the job much easier.


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              Thanks Marchobbs for your detailed info.I akso have a 66 283 with a small pin hole in the oil pan.I would also like to take this pan off and fix the hole or replace it.