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  • Transmission / Overdrive: 63 Champ Questions

    I located a 63 Champ that I'm looking at for possible parts etc. The truck isn't real close by so I'm going on some pics and a phone call. Didn't get a VIN or a lot of info.

    1963 Champ 3/4 Ton
    289 w/4speed

    If I'm guessing this is a 8E12 with the HD V8 (289) option. Would the 4 speed be a T-10?

    I have a 63, 1/2 ton, 259, 3 on the tree with no overdrive. Would the 4 speed be any better than the 3 speed or would a 3 speed w/overdrive be a better way to go?

    I would assume most parts on a 3/4 ton are drop ins on a 1/2 ton of the same year?

    I'd buy the truck to part out for spares if the tranny is worth swapping to. The asking price is in the $1,000 range.


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    Many of the truck 4 speeds are three speed transmissions with compound low gear, or "granny gear." So the 4 speed would not gain anything on the highway over your three speed, as top gear is straight through in both transmissions.

    But you might be able to walk alongside it in compound low while plowing the fields.

    Three speed with overdrive is the way to go, in my humble opinion.
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      Go with the 3 speed with OD. The 4 speed in the truck is not a T10 it is a truck box with a compound low and a 1to1 ratio in high gear. If you decide to use an overdrive transmission, check the differential gear ratio, it may be too high for an overdrive trans especcially on hills. I had a 64 8E7 with a 289 and overdrive. The truck had a 3.73 diff. in it when I bought the truck which was a a bit too high even for the 289. I replaced it with a 4.09 diff which worked out much better, especially on hills as the transmission didn't want to be shifted out of overdrive as often. Bud


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        Thanks for the input.
        Kind of what I thought but I wanted some second opinions to confirm. I'll post the add I found in another post in case there's someone out there looking for a project 63 Champ. I have enough work with the one I have and really don't have the room to park another one at this time anyway!


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          Here is a third opinion. In the early eighties I worked at Art Gamblin Motors in Enumclaw and I drove a 63 T cab to work much of the time. When it rained the dirt parking lot turned into a mud hole so just to show what a T cab would do I pulled out into that mud hole and stopped in the middle with the water running in under the doors. I put her back in gear a easily pulled through the mud hole. Most every night on the way home some &^%#$ in a new chev or ford would pull up behind me and try to pass cuz he felt like driving faster then the 70 I was doing. I worked for Gamblin for a year and a half and never was passed on the way home......All I had was a 259 with 3 speed overdrive.
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