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Turn Signal - Rewire or Replacement?

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  • Electrical: Turn Signal - Rewire or Replacement?

    My 62 GT Hawk's turn signal wiring was "repaired" at sometime in the past - coming out of the backer plate are stubs of wiring - however the white wire broke off flush with the plate.
    Can the switch be taken apart to try and push the terminal connectors out; mount the wires; then assemble?
    Does a non-orphan (Chevy?) auto part be used?
    If all else fails anyone know where another turn signal switch be purchased?
    Robert Swan

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    If it's just a broken wire a repair is in order. Wires are cheap. The switches are getting hard to find. Unfortunately, I would recommend completely rewiring the switch. That will involve removing it from the steering wheel collar and fishing the wires out of the column. If it's like the older cars, the terminals are soldered.
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      I stock N.O.S. switches for $69.00 plus $5.00 shipping.
      Robert Kapteyn


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        Can you take a photo of what you are selling - as you have read I am in need of the switch it's self.
        I am traveling so I don't need a response till the first week in December.
        Robert Swan


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          The switch in my 65 gave out deckades ago. Being cheep I just used an On-Off-On toggle switch and got her done in about an hour.
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