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Ethanol dilemmas

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    I noticed that when we took a vactaion to Kentucky (from Florida) any time I filled up in a Murphy's in Tennesee the "check engine light" came on in the 2002 Exterra almost immeadiatly. I wonder if it is an area thing.

    As far as quality of fuel. Most comapnies by fuel from the same place. However, whether they buy from the top (quality) or bottom (poor) of the tanker makes a difference. Most companies buy from the middle. I suspect Murpy's might take the bottom of the barrel.-Beres


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      The best product I have ever used to remove and stop "phase seperation" is made by Starbright Corp................this stuff is the real deal........and it stops gas breakdown for 24 months...............not too cheap.......but for the price is too much:-)


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        I dont know why you guys are having so many problems unless you do not know what a real fuel filter looks like. My 65 has been sitting for three year with alcohol fuel in it and she fired right up on that old fuel once I dropped a battery in her. You can still purchase aftermarket sediment bowl fuel filters. I have such filter on all my vehicles that I do not use regularily and have no problems with fuel contamination.
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