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1957 Silver Hawk Disc Brake Conversion

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  • Brakes: 1957 Silver Hawk Disc Brake Conversion

    I think I exited before submitting my post.

    I have now soda blasted and primered the Hawk. Over the weekend we removed the rats nest of wiring and rewired. So far so good.
    Sunday we took the first look at the disc brake conversion. The rotors and pads have heat cracks and need to be replaced. I took the parts to O'Reilly's but we could not match them. Last night I looked at the Turner Brake web site and see that their conversion uses 68/69 Mustang rotors (C80Z-1102-A) and GM S-10 4x4 calipers and pads. The pads are listed as D-154.

    Google images shows one rotor that looks like what I have. I will upload my picture.
    The pads have a metal tab that bends over to attach to the caliper. It is the pad on the right and the tabs are circled in the picture.

    As always, thanks for the help. This forum has kept me interested in Studebakers. I don't know where else I could find answers.

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    I doubt it's a Turner disc brake conversion since the pads in the pic were used on 1980's Chevy Citations and other GM cars with the small (100 MM(?)) wheel bolt pattern.

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      Hey Steven have you look here:

      Is a good place for information and tips. Of course you won't get interaction like the forum but as a reference it's great.



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        Originally posted by 1962larksedan View Post
        I doubt it's a Turner disc brake conversion since the pads in the pic were used on 1980's Chevy Citations and other GM cars with the small (100 MM(?)) wheel bolt pattern.
        You are so right. I ordered the rotors and found the matching brake pads as a 1984 Chevy Citation II. I don't think I would have ever guessed that. thanks Plenty.


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          what did you use for a master cylinder setup for the hawk conversion???


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            for my 57 Hawk, I used the old hubs and pressed off the stock drums and replaced them with dodge rotors (11.75 dia 1" thk) and fabricated adapters from 1/2" aluminum plate. the calipers are from a full size chevy. everything fits and looks good. What I haven't accomplished yet is which master cylinder setup to use. I have about $150 in it so far.
            I forgot to mention that if you can find good stock stude rotors, you can put on replacement calipers from a toyota which bolt right in but require brake line work at the caliper. they are also somewhat larger. You have to use the disk brake spindles and brackets to make it easiest. They are cheap in comparison with the dunlop stock ones which are also used on Jag, Ferrari, Lamborghini and some other which make them hard to find and EXPENSIVE.
            I can give you the part numbers if you wish for both sets of info.
            On my Avanti I converted to plymouth roadrunner 'special duty brakes' which are the same hub as the stude but have 4 piston caliper and a 1" thk rotor. They are real hard to find though and you have to machine an adapter.

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              When you are finished, it would be a good idea to documant the parts and their sources. Keep that in the glove box. That way any future owner of your car will not have to figure it out again.
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                Have the Turner system on my '63 Hawk. Used an M/C from a known brake and retrofit co. in North Carolina (something like CPP - Am @ the library, do not have the info w/ me). The M/C has ports on both sides so that the left side ports can be used (the right side plugged). Then adapted a Turner M/C adapter to the new M/C (mostly cut, grind and shim - it is a very close fit in the Hawk). They also have a remote fill, which I used - Do not have to pull up the flooring just to check the fluid level.
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                CORRECTION: CPP is in Calif - Good company w/ great service, but not the one citeed.
                The correct one is : MP Power Brakes (Master Power Brakes) at:
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                  Thanks for the response. seems a friend had done this on a 53 dirt track stocker and used the wilwood dual tandem with remote reservoir with great success. the mounting flange is vertical and the outlets on the bottom. I ordered the 260-8794 kit from Speedway for any of you doing the swap over.