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12 volt wiper motor for 53 Commander

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    We should all feel sorry for Mr Biggs since he had to drink up all that vodka before he can use the empty box. I guess it's just a burden he'll have to suffer with....poor guy.


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      If you like to tinker go to radio shack and there is a book on building your own power supplies. One of the circuits you are taking a 12V Regulator and building a variable power supply. While these were for low current, you couly simply upgrade the components, then control the output for all your 6-volt needs.
      I would like to stick with 6V but my geocaching hobby needs the 12V stuff in the cab and the electronic ignition system relys on it. I would hate to get rid of a good AM radio and have issues with the overdrive. Perhaps the radio could be converted to reverse polarity?


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        I have the wiper motor off a 57 Golden Hawk in my 53 modified. Works great.


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          Dave, my danged E-mail's goofed up and I've FINALLY established a new E-mail account. I'm gonna answer your question via my new E-mail service today, Sunday.

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