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'63 GT Hawk Gas Gauge

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  • Fuel System: '63 GT Hawk Gas Gauge

    I recently installed a used gas gauge & forgot to mark the wires!!! Facing the back of the gauge there are four posts at 12 o'clock,three,six, & nine o'clock. I have three wires to attach,one is white, one is red & black, and one is either white or Yellow & black. I need to know what goes where!!!

    Thanks, Dale

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    Hey Dale,

    According to the wiring diagram posted at , looking at the connections from the back of the gauge, red/black goes to the right terminal, white/black goes to the left terminal, and red/whitegoes to the bottom terminal.

    I'm sure some of the other guys will correct me if I'm wrong

    Clark in San Diego | '63 Standard (F2) "Barney" |


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      A word of advice: be careful NOT to place the +12 volt lead- IIRC it is white with a black tracer- onto one of the grounded studs, you will create some smoke as soon as you turn the key on. Ask me how I know this! It's always a good idea to make up a pair of clip leads hooked to an inline 10A or 15A fuse to connect between the battery + cable and the batt + post after you have done any wiring reconnections, that way if you inadvertently miswire something, you won't smoke the wiring, just blow the fuse. Fuses are cheap, wiring is not.....