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fabbing a suspended gas pedal for a Lark six using 62 & 66 parts

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  • Fuel System: fabbing a suspended gas pedal for a Lark six using 62 & 66 parts

    I am replacing the left side of my 62 hardtops's floor this month among other project around the house. (finishing patio, building flowerbeds, and fixing a porch roof)

    Since the six will be there for a while (V8 on stand until ???) I thought I would do a little custom detail and build a suspensed gas pedal using a couple of spare bellcranks. I have a pedal assembly from a 66 Stude V8 which would make easy work of the project, slice one end of my 62's bellcrank and the other end of the 66's and weld in the middle. A simple idea but is this 66 part rare and should NOT be sliced and should only serve as a pattern for part of my custom pedal bellcrank.

    also, where and how big should the hole in the firewall be for a suspended pedal.

    Jeff T.

    ps. just in case, anyone have any spare throttle bellcranks in the event that my spares have somehow evaporated (I know they were on this shelf, in that box twenty years ago)
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    Replaced the gas pedal in my 63 lark with a cable one from a older chevy pickup, works great. Not a hard install at all. MAC


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      I also used a 78 chevy truck gas pedal assembly in my Stude - a 52. I did not seek it out specifically, this was my parts truck so I was using everything I could off it. (Even the engine.) That said, it was a perfect fit and required very little effort to install.
      I had a couple throttle cables lying about, and one worked fine once I shortened and re-crimped the cable some.