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62 Hawk - Fan hits shroud on right turns

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  • Engine: 62 Hawk - Fan hits shroud on right turns

    On way back from the Blackhawk chapter's appearance on the WGN Midday News, noticed the following:

    Turn the corner and fan hits the shroud - has left a mark. Not horrible hit, but enough to hear it. Does it with clutch in or out, regardless. Turned motor off and, not surprisingly, it disappeared.
    Does not do it turning left.

    Car is solid - not a bendy rusty frame.

    Motor Mounts?

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    Probably bad mounts. Does the fan look centered in the shroud? There are 2 sets of holes in the frame mount,for left hand drive the mounts should be bolted into the holes farthest to the right of the car[passenger side]


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      Every time I've ever had that happen on a car, it was the water pump going bad...

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        When this happened to me, it was the front rubber engine supports. The top and bottom studs are vulcanized to the rubber insulator. Sometimes the metal separates from the rubber. This will allow the engine to shift sideways on a hard turn, causing the fan to hit the shroud. ~ Dale


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          I would suspect mounts. Put it in gear, hold brakes tight and give it throttle. Have someone watch under hood. If the engine levitates, problem found.
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            Back when I first purchased my 1963 Hawk, I did a burn-out while making a right-hand turn at a stop sign when all of a sudden I hear a loud metallic grinding noise coming from the cooling fan. My right side (if I recall correctly) rubber motor mount seperated. I replaced it and then all was fine.
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              If you open the hood, you can watch the motor yourself while giving it gas.

              After opening the hood, I put my foot on the brakes and push down on the gas while watching the motor. If the motor come upwards, there is a broken motor mount.
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                I suspect the previous posters, between them, have guessed right. Either your motor mounts are old, or you've mounted the engine in the wrong holes. I had the latter problem recently, when I inadvertently set the engine mounts into the left set of holes where they bolt to the frame. Left hand drive models should use the rightward set of engine mount holes instead. With the engine in the wrong holes, my fan touched the shroud too, when I revved the engine, causing the blades to flex rearward. The rest of the time the fan cleared the shroud, if barely. Moving the engine mounts into the proper holes gave me a good 1/2 inch of clearance all around the tips of the fan blades, and the problem was solved.