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Starter motor rebuild, the cost

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    Hey Doug, did you ever get a chance to check the no. on that NAPA $26.80 starter rebuild kit you mentioned a while back?. Thanks. Dan


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      Originally posted by S_Ferrell View Post
      Last night, the starter motor in my 62 Cruiser, 259v8, auto, gave up the ghost. My mech is pulling it and taking it to be rebuilt. I was wondering about cost. Did anyone else have a starter motor rebuilt? What was the cost in your area? I am in Cleveland Ohio.
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        The 397.60 sounds a little steep, but with dealership labor rates pushing $100 per hour around here, plus the maybe $150 charge-out to the rebuilder's shop, that's not too out of line anymore.

        I deal with an auto-electric rebuilder in Calgary who also does aircraft and heavy-equipment stuff. He is very good. Not cheap, but good, and his guys know their stuff. And generally with most Stude starters and alternators, I buy the parts and service them myself.
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          Well gosh, I can't believe I didn't follow up on this. My apologies.

          The kit turned out to be the wrong one. It was for a autolight? starter, and the one on the car is a delco unit. I ended up taking the starter to Nevada car, and truck electric to have it rebuilt. cost about $180 bucks.

          Included new armature, brushes, and fresh paint. They did a good job, almost a year later, and it still works great.