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Koni for Avanti

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  • Shocks: Koni for Avanti

    I have a 1963 Avanti R1 and time for new shocks. I think koni made shocks for Avanti at one time but not now. I have read that 70s thr 80 Camaro shocks will work with a few modifications and using parts from your old shocks.
    My question is, has anybody done this using koni, what all is involved and how hard was it to do?

    Thanks, Tumack
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    Not sure about Konis but I installed a set of KYB gas adjust for same year Camero on my Hawk, should work the same as Avanti. On the rears I had to press out the upper metal bushing sleeve from the old shocks and replace it in the Camero shocks with a little urethane adhesive to bond it to the rubber. For the fronts, I made a "cage" from 3/16" X 1" steel bar for the bottom bolts, since the Camero shock lower mounting bolts have a closer center to center spacing. Been working great for over two years now. I got tired of the cheesy Stude aftermarket shocks, went through about three sets before I decided to go with KYBs.


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      I have Edelbrock IAS shocks on my Avanti. The same things go for adapting them to the Avanti.
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