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Valve Adjustment for 49' Champion

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  • Engine: Valve Adjustment for 49' Champion

    I got the car 95% back together last night. I think I need to take the manifold off and adjust the valves with #3 having 0 on the compression test. Can anyone enlighten me with the info needed to do this successfully. I want to get this car running right. Any help is good help.

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    Adjusting the valves on a 49 Champion is a simple procedure and you access them through the valve covers on the side of the block. Just follow the instructions in the shop manual, if you don't have a manual check out Bob Johnstones Studebaker site If you have '0' compression on #3 I would suspect you're going to need more than a valve adjustment.
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      I have put three pages from the manual on the Webshots site where your engine video is located. This will give you the run down of how they work and how to adjust them. if you need more information please ask. Remember this is for the 1959 model year so the clearance might be different but I think not.

      Here is the link:

      If you click on the page you want to look at then choose "full screen" then once it's loaded the cursor will be a little magnifying glass. By clicking that cursor on the page it will enlarge it. You can also print it out so you can take it to where you are working on the car. I hope this helps.


      P.S. I just looked at it on the site and you might have to copy the image to your computer before you can print it. good luck.
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        So if #3 is showing 0. What are you all implying it needs to be fixed? New valve or what?


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          What irish is referring to is that for #3 to have zero compression it could be a number of things. A list of such things is not very extensive so I will run through them. Stuck open valve, which could be a matter of un-sticking it or worst case scenario it is rusted to the guide and you might have to replace both. A badly burnt valve, which means you will have to replace it and maybe have some work to the seat. A hole in the top of the piston, which means, at this point, deciding how much you want to spend fixing it. Rings could be ruled out because you should get some compression with most ring problems. If you have changed the oil did you see any warning signs like metal particles or metal flake etc...? Like I have mentioned before once you take the side covers of it will all be answered, or most likely to be answered. From there you should be able to see if you have a valve problem. Once all valves are working correctly and adjusted correctly and you still have zero compression it is time to pull the head. A word of advice, if you have found some valve problem that you believe was the culprit and have remedied the situation don't put the manifold back on just yet. If you have reusable side cover gaskets, which is a handy addition and wise to look out for them so valve adjustments don't cost you a set of side cover gaskets each time, you can re-install the covers and do a compression check. Making sure the coil wire is disconnected so the engine wont fire, which it wont if you have removed all the plugs to make the turning of the engine easier for your valve adjustment, I just don't want to tell you something and get you into trouble. If you have cork gaskets I would just leave the side cover off until after the compression check, which means you might get a little oil coming out but not much. That will save you some gaskets and time if it turns out that the valves were not the complete problem and you will have to pull the head.

          Not to say it is not something else but if it was something more drastic you should have had some other warning signs. Of which you have not mentioned.


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            I guess I just need to pull the covers off the side and look is the only way to know


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              You started a thread titled 'Help With Champion Engine'. The problem of no compression in #3 cylinder was completely addressed there.


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                Awesome news guys! It was a valve stuck on cylinder #3. I went ahead and adjusted every valve where it should be and took the head off and cleaned all the tops of the valves as well. I just popped her back down and that was about it. Now she purrs like a kitten. Just need to work on the hesitation now.


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                  Very good news. Let's hope all else goes well and you have fun driving her.


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                    Gonna try her out on the road for the first time tonight