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Need parking brake cable help

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  • Brakes: Need parking brake cable help

    I need the rear cable for my '53 Commander Hardtop so I looked up the part in the chassis parts book and got the correct part number. Called SI and they have that number so I ordered it. The cable looks right except for the end that goes into the backing plate. Mine is held in by a clamp with two nuts and the one they sent me is held in with a clip. I tried and it will not work. Does anyone have any idea? I called SI and they have no idea.

    My set up

    SI part

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    You have a '54 and later type backing plate installed on your car.


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      Originally posted by Studebakercenteroforegon View Post
      You have a '54 and later type backing plate installed on your car.
      The cable I ordered is listed in the SI catalog as '54-'64 C and K cars and in the '53 chassis book it says '53-'55. It's part # 533065. The '53 manual shows a good picture of the set up I have.


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        Here's an old thread, same problem but no resolution.