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  • Body / Glass: Trunk hinge fix

    I've heard that the circa 1952 trunk hinges were trouble, but always had good luck with mine. Until last month. Put the trunk lid up, and it would not go down! Locked up tight. I thought I could fix it "quickly" with a little force and a little prying on the hinge. BAD idea. It finally gave way, and the hinges bent horribly. Could have been a catastrophe if it had ruined the trunk lid.
    I bent the hinges back and lubed the mechansim good. But in the process of getting the lid back on I had trouble getting one bolt started, and the hinge bent again. I knew I was in big trouble then.

    So I want to share my solution, which was to add some reinforcing ribs. Like most worthwhile fixes, it took some time and effort. You can see in the pics, a 1/2 inch rib is welded on each of the flat plates that attach to the lid. I dare these babies to bend on me now.
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