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trunk lock / latch - louvres - horns - vallance

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  • trunk lock / latch - louvres - horns - vallance

    I do a little more every day - hope to have my 60 Hawk back on the road in time for the Can Am, but every so often I hit a snag....or two or three.

    My trunk lock isn't working properly - the key works in the lock to unlatch the trunk, but the latching mechanism won't reset; I have to reach in the hole and pull the linkage back so the trunk will latch when I close it.

    I can't remember which way the louvres go on the front of the fin. Can someone send me a close-up pic?

    I'm not clear on how to or where to remount the horns, and are they supposed to be body colour, or black?

    There's a cross piece at the front of the car that the front vallance bolts to - is it supposed to be black or body colour?

    Next weekend I'll take the bumper brackets in for a sandblast; by then I should have most of the trim work on, the vent shrouds installed (waiting on a shipment), and the headliner done.

    I may have to drive around with slightly pitted chrome in spots, and no windshield washer bag (my hanger pieces are missing) for a while as my list is growing and my wallet is not, but at least I'll be driving it.


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    Are you sure the trunk lock isn't just stiff from old age and lack of use? Don't we all get that way as time goes by? If it snaps back with gentle(?) persuasion I would just drown the latch with WD40 or KP53.

    There is a 60 Hawk for sale on eBay right now with a fairly decent photo of the fin louvres.

    As to the rest of things, the service manual says the upper air deflector - the piece over the top of the radiator - has to come off to remove the horn(?) and if you remove the fender, the horn comes with it. One photo shows a black horn and in another it is body colour. The cross piece which is called the lower air deflector is black, but you obviously can't trust the service manual here.

    Congrats on a successful trip to SB.