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I lost a carb part,help

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  • I lost a carb part,help

    I had a ' bras thing' with two holes on the stem and one hole on the top pop out of my carb while rebuilding the carb. Part is lost. Will someone send me a e-mail who will post the pictures of this situation. This part comes off the secondary side of a 4 barrell carb. The carb's triangular tab # 2214SA then F 5 on the next line then 8 on the next line . Carter Carb . This is a V-8 ,I assume off a 1964 car, PO died only know a 1964 289 was transplanted into the car.

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    That sounds like you have a Carter WCFB carb. the 2214SA came from a 1955 to 1957 Commander or President W/Auto Trans., they fit 1955 to 1962 Stude. V-8's the FO must have gotten that off of something other than a 1964 as it is not an AFB.

    I think the missing part might be a 537137 Carter 25-279S (picture on Pg. 95 of the '55-'58 Chassis Parts Catalog.) It is a Secondary needle and seat, I would think it would be in the re-build kits.

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      My car is a 1955 President State. You are most likely correct about the carb year and application..If someone could post my pictures it would help , I'm too computer inept to post a picture. I will e-mail three pictures, they wll help.


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        I have found it in the 1955 Shop Manual gas section page 25 fig 75 item # 11 called an 'economizer screw plug' on the primary two barrels, the lost one is on the secondary two barrels and slips in with finger pressure, on screw in,light push into place. If I could get someone to post my pictures it would show well. e-mail me and I will send the pictures, then you can post them on this conversation for me.


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          Curt, E-mail me your address so I can send you one. I've got a parts carb here that can spare one for you.

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            Two e-mails on the way, Thank you .