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Advice on guage issues....64 Daytona

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  • Advice on guage issues....64 Daytona

    Next Monday, when the mechanic gets back from vacation,
    I'll need to let him know about what to do on the Temp
    and the gas gauges....we know that the temp gauge is
    "long gone" [xx(] and we think all we need is a new sending
    unit for the gas tank[?]but then we really don't know for
    sure. Would it be better to by pass the existing gauges, at
    this time (AMP, Oil, Gas and Temp) and put in a multi purpose
    one under the dash.....if it can be done....Any thoughts?

    For right now I am just trying to get her to be a daily
    driver with a new fuel pump, brakes that really work,
    and gauges that are not hit/miss [}] among other things.

    Also if it can and sounds like an idea...what brand of
    gauges are advisable, over others, and price range.

    Thanks for any advice and recommendations [8D]

    1964 Daytona
    glen Brose
    Tumbleweed Flats, AZ

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    After market gages are sort of silly when NOS and good used are as common as dirt and cheap. I.e.I can sell you a whole used cluster for $25 and or you can but NOS gages on ebay and I just sold a new sending unit for the tank for little more. BTW, as a aside, I would not pay a mechanic for those simple jobs. I few screws, put the wires back in the order you took them off and your done.

    64 Daytona HT/R2 clone
    64 GT R2
    63 GT R2
    63 Lark 2 door
    59 3E truck
    58 Starlight
    52 & 53 Starliner
    51 Commander

    JDP Maryland


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      Thanks JDP for your response! Sent an email to you off line.

      My only problem is I am limited to using my left hand for
      most anything these these days and I am a natural right that is why I rely upon the mechanic for even
      the simplest things related to auto work.....Though I try
      and get a "Studebaker" discount when the bill is being added

      1964 Daytona
      glen Brose
      Tumbleweed Flats, AZ