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Pulley configuration

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  • Pulley configuration

    I am buying a 60 Lark with 259 and power steering.
    I want to add A/C (after market) to the car.
    I ralize that there are many ways to do this but am wondering what the crank and water pump pulleys have looked like from the factory.
    Would they both have three grooves or two on one and three on the other and so on?
    The shop manual shows one additional crank pulley for A/C but does not say anything about A/C and power steering and I did not see a picture of a water pump pulley.


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    With AC, there's two identical sized pulleys on the waterpump plus an idler on the compressor bracket for tightening the belt. The crankshaft pully also has two indentical diameter pulleys, one for the generator and the other for the AC. The power steering pully is located in front of these two and is somewhat smaller in diameter.


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      Thanks John.
      I already have the two same size pulleys and spacer for the crank so hopefully the car will come with the smaller diameter pulley for the power steering.
      I will start looking for the two groove pulley for the water pump.



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        As far as the water pump double pulley goes, the one I have for my '51 is off of either a late 60's Buick or Oldsmobile. I know those cars aren't exactly commonplace either, but there might be other more common ones out there that could be made to work. On mine I'm going to have to enlarge the center hole and the pulley diameter is just a bit larger, which will increase the waterpump speed slightly but otherwise it'll work. So you might take a stroll through the nearest salvage yard with the old one and some way to measure things.


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          It is my understanding that the belt "V" size and hence the pulley groove is a bit wider for the AC than PS. I performed this on a 63' Cruiser several years ago. The AC crank pulley is very difficult to locate....What I did was use the pulley configuration you describe but it required some spacer(s) that SASCO had in stock. This was a stock set up with original Stude York compressor, bracket, idler pulley, evaporator etc. I was told (by who I don't know)that the compressor would eventually wear out the thinner belt and require more frequent replacement......My belt did not wear out in the 2 summer seasons I used it...maybe Chip will chime in here...


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            I have a '64 4 dr I'm trying to get AC set up on- 289 V8. I already have power steering. I was able to get a new reproduction AC crankshaft pulley from Lionel Stone for $125. That's pricey- but I can't blame him, pulleys are expensive to fabricate when you only do a short run. Anyway, I haven't put all the new AC stuff on yet... I thought the AC cranshaft pulley went in front of the power steering pulley, but I guess I'll find out when I go to put it all together. If anyone knows the correct order for the pulleys I'd appreciate knowing.