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  • Frame / Springs: Sagging Daytona

    1964 Daytona 2dr Hdtp. Been gone awhile trying to decide if the vibration was unfixable and if the best path would be to set fire to the thing. Now a new shop and a better mechanic working a couple days have the problem solved and we are road worthy. During the test drive it became apparent that the rear springs are weak and need help.

    I don't care for coil-over-shock booster springs. So the question I'm seeking advice on is what is the best alternative; new springs, air shocks, rearched springs, air bag helpers or adding additional leaves to the old springs. If the answer is new springs, what is a good source and how does one go about specing spring rate etc. Did Lark wagons have a heavier rear spring that could replace the originals? I'm sure many of you have had a similar problem and I would like your advice.

    BTW. The vibration was caused by a too-short driveline. It had been ordered by a "Pro Garage" that was heavily involved in building race cars. The shop that built the driveshaft has a solid reputation so I'm satisfied they constructed it as-ordered. It was 1 3/4 inches too short and the yoke engaged the transmission output shaft by only about 5/8 inch which left the universal joint swinging instead of spinning. Luckily it did not slip out completely during the short time it was driven. That shop has since gone out of business so no recourse is available and their $300 bill for 'fixing' the vibration will be charged off as tuition in the "School of Old Car Ownership".

    Thanks for listening and your help, Grant