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259 Engine Rebuild Kits that are offered at SI

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  • Engine: 259 Engine Rebuild Kits that are offered at SI

    I want to rebuild the 259 thats in my '62 GT Hawk. I see SI has the major overhaul kit available. I will have the local NAPA machine shop do the work. Are the kits at SI the BEST way to go? Is it of really good quality? Are there parts in their kit that should be substituted by other manufactures for increase quality or durability? I'm not building a drag car, just want to freshen the ole girl up as she deserves it.

    Has anyone used their kits and how did you get along with them?

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    I bought their minor rebuild kit and it seemed fine to me and of good quality.
    That said, I spun a front rod bearing at 1k miles, I think it was an oiling issue, but the possibility exist that it was a bad bearing from them.

    I still have the box for the cam bearings and they are USA made Dura-Bond brand. I do not have the rod bearing box so I am not sure what brand and where they were made, but I remember the box was plain white and I do not remember any markings at all.


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      Check with your napa dealer they may be able to get a lot of the parts for you. I know the local Guy I talked to about doing a 289 thought he could get most of the parts through his parts jobbers. Guess I'll find out when we get to it.


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        I agree. I used the minor rebuild kit for the 289 on the bottom end, since my machinist rebuilt the heads with available parts. Saved a heap of money! The engine has less than 300 miles on it, but sure sounds sweet and I am impressed with the power I now have. Like is so much, I'm getting ready to purchase the same kit to rebuild the 259 in my Truck. I admit I looked everywhere for alternative parts vendors, but found none could compete with the quality, value and price of S.I. I recommend the kit highly.
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          I think there are a number of places you could get everything that you need, like SW or SNW, and even at comparable prices, but SI has things set up nice as kits and stuff.


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            You might also check with Fairborn Studebaker Phil usually has everything you need and also some performance items to give your engine a little more umph.
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              I bought one of their major rebuild kits for my '62 Hawk 289 and had the engine built by a performance engine shop. He was happy with everything except the valve guides. SI was very good and send a replacement set but they still were not within specs. The shop will not "make do" with any parts. They finally bought some other kind and machined then to the Studebaker specs. Very nice running engine.
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