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  • Clutch / Torque Converter: Clutch diameter

    I accidentally sidetracked/hi-jacked another thread, so I thought I would start one to ask my question.
    In my '49 C-cab someone had already done a V8 conversion from a '52 Commander 232 with a 3 on the tree and OD. It unfortunately has the small bell housing which runs the 9.25" {9-1/4"} clutch and with my warmed over 289 that I have put in it the clutch definately seems to be sub-par.

    I know the Stude bigger clutches will not fit inside of this bell housing, but has anyone found a clutch that will bolt up to my flywheel and fit inside of my bell housing that is any stronger and more heavy duty?

    Please do not bother suggesting that I just swap out to the bigger bell....It would be WAY more work that I want to do at this point because all of my clutch and shifter parts are dialed in and work perfectly and it would require dozens of changes including driveshaft, crossmember...............

    Clutch suggestions please. I had seen someone mention an S10 clutch? what year make and model?
    Diaphram PP?

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    S-10 won't fit in the bell housing. Beat to have someone build you a special disc set. Closest to you would be Hot Rod City in San Berdoo.