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58 sliver hawk frame

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  • Frame / Springs: 58 sliver hawk frame

    I've got a 58 sliver hawk that I want to pro street. Have a big block chev or was thinking 6.0 chev or 5.7 dodge hemi.What do you guy's think I should do as far as the frame? I want to be able to get on it every so often and not be all over the road with it. I know It'll need a 9" rear or at least a 8.8 with pos. Plan the tub it and put some big meats under it. Don't tink I'll go a cage unless I can find a way to get the bars out of the way enough to not make it a pain to drive. My buddy builds race cars so maybe he can come up with something. Should I swap out the front or can it be made to handle and take the abuse of a big block?

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    The front suspension is very strong on these cars (stronger than the frame) and the Stude V-8 weighs more than any big block I know of so that shouldn't be an issue. If the rear axle is a Dana 44 a Ford 9" isn't a big improvement. Hope this helps.

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