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T-5 shopping list.

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  • T-5 shopping list.

    I know that it has been mentioned on the tech pages and in a few threads but after reading a webpage regarding installing T5s into flathead fords and all of the t5 models available I am a bit confused so I will start at the beginning.

    Say I want to install a T5 behind my 259...

    Can I redrill my stock three speed auto bellhousing or do I need a truck unit the once belonged to a 4 or 5 speed truck, what machining will need to be done. If I have an 8e housing can I use the stock mounts?

    Where does the t5 come from and what works best with a 259 or 289? Do I get one from a S10, a Mustang or a Camaro, or something else? What should I expect to pay (ballpark) How about the speedo hook up, mechanical or otherwise ?

    If I use a ford model will I be using the ford clutch disc? I think I recall this from the tech pages.

    Where does the shifter come out of the floor, Will I have to move the seats back or remove the council?

    Well, I probabily forgot something but if I can get a fully syncronized tranny vs. one with two synced gears I'll give it a go.

    Jeff T.

    "I'm getting nowhere as fast as I can"
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    \"I\'m getting nowhere as fast as I can\"
    The Replacements.

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    Have you read this?

    You'll get varying opinions on a transmission that will hold up. My feeling that a WC trans isn't that much more than a NWC. I'd want a WC out of the car that best fits the bellhousing you have (Camaro if it's a GM pattern bellhousing or Mustang if it's a Ford pattern bellhousing). The input shaft will need to be cut down, and a pilot shaft bushing made to fit what you're using. The T-5 uses a hydralic clutch, so you'll need to fab up the linkage/pedal assembly to a slave cylinder to operate the clutch.

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      The T5 transmission does not require the use of a hydraulic clutch release, just reuse your Stude bellhousing and related clutch linkage. I would suggest that you get a world class T5 with the 2.95:1 first gear ratio. Virtually always that would be from a V8 Mustang or Camaro. Your bellhousing bolt patttern is closest to the Mustang bolt pattern - but it will *probably* still need some fabrication to bolt up. The T5's bearing retainer mounting flange will need its outside diameter machined down to fit into the Stude bellhousing. Studebaker had enough variety in bellhousings that I would be inclined to measure what you now have before you start - to get an idea of what it needs. Although the Stude 4 speed bellhousings can be difficult to find, you may find a 3 speed bellhousing will work.


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        On my conversion I used a WC T5 [Mustang], kept all the Stude. clutch setup, had to shorten the front bearing retainer, milled some flats on each side for the clutch fork and turned down the flange part to the bore size of the bell housing. On the pilot bearing I prchased a Ford roller bearing and removed the actual bearing from the cast part and it fit the hole in the Stude. crankshaft. I also used a truck bell housing and redrilled it for the T5. I mounted my transmission level and will use a custom wedge spacer to adapt it to the crossmember [also custom]. Its still on a stand waiting for the body to be painted. I also had to bush the throw out bearing to fit the smaller dia. bearing collar.

        Darryl C. Lewallen Clarkesville, Ga.
        Darryl C. Lewallen Clarkesville, Ga.


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          This has some pertinent info:

          Daddy always said, if yer gonna be dumb, you gotta be tough & I'm one tough sumbitch!
          Daddy always said, if yer gonna be dumb, you gotta be tough & I\'m one tough sumbiatch!