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pulling inner wheel seals

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  • Rear Axle: pulling inner wheel seals

    Hi all,

    I started some rear brake work and decided to take the advice of many on this forum to pull the axles to check and pack the bearings. I pulled the axles with no problem and figure I might as well replace the inner wheel seals while everything is apart. My question is how to get the old wheel seals out? I've seen the tool in the shop manual and I've tried to rig up something similar with no luck. Any suggestions?

    PS: this is for a 62 Lark wagon with dana 27.


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    ToChad Huth,---- Inexpensive slide hammers, (like the ones used in auto body work), usually come with an 'L' shaped end that works perfect for this task.


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      I use a seal puller.....I think I got it at NAPA or a FLAPS...


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        Real simple. Once you have the axle out, reinsert it just to the point where the splines enter the inner seal. At that point, move the outer end of the axle shaft up and down, or side to side, all the while watching the seal and it will come right out. You won't have to move the axle very far to achieve results. Be careful installing the new seals.....use an appropriate seal installer or a large (very large) diameter socket with an extension. Don't forget to lube the seal material with grease, as well as the portion of the axle shaft that the seal runs on. Hope this helps.

        Dan Miller
        Auburn, GA