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  • Engine: gasket set

    I've found a place that sells complete fel-pro gasket sets for the studie v8's for $135. Is this a good price ? Thinking I should order one or two.

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    I know you stated that the set is 'complete', but make sure it does include the crankshaft rear seal. is showing the Felpro FS7669S2 for $126.
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      Fel Pro sets no longer include the valve cover grommets and a lot of the smaller gaskets they included in the past.
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        Since Felpro no longer markets complete Studebaker overhaul gasket sets they are now sold by our vendor wholesaler to us vendors in several boxes taped together to make a complete set. In other words, separate pan gasket set, separate rear main seal,separate valve cover grommets, etc. If you have found a complete set of gaskets for that price you are one lucky guy!
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          I got a pretty complete set at NAPA for a 259 V8. I needed to get the valve cover grommets from SI but everything else was there. About $65.00.


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            Doublepaddle, do you have a Napa PN # for the gasket set??


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              I cannot find the slip for the gasket set from NAPA. You can try HS76695-2 ..........Do not know if that is the one. They have me listed as a 3E7 4.2 L 259 CID V8 if that helps. The parts man is also my mechanic so I do get a good discount. He got the gasket set himself and I may not have gotten a slip .


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                Thank you, and good luck with your rebuild.